Menu (english)


All breakfast is served with a basket of mixed bread, butter, and 2 varieties of homemade marmalade.

French Breakfast
1 fresh baked croissant, 1 boiled egg, butter, and marmalade € 5,10
Classic Breakfast
Scrambled eggs with spinach, tomato, and cold cuts (sausage & cheese), fruit muesli with yogurt and orange juice € 11,50
Andalusian Breakfast
Grilled bread, tomato puree, Serrano ham, El Venato (spain semi-hard cheese, potato salad, olive oil dip € 11,50
Norwegian Breakfast
Norwegian smoked salmon, scrambled eggs with herbs, hash brown and creamed horseradish, fruit salad, 1 glass of prosecco and toasted bread € 12,90
English Breakfast
Two fried eggs with bacon and grilled sausages, baked beans, medium spicy mustard, and fried potatoes € 10,90
Italy Breakfast
Milanese salami, mortadella, Parma ham, slice of parmesan, baby-Mozzarella with tomatoes, and fresh basil, Grissini € 11,30
1001 Nights Breakfast
Kuku (Persian herbal omelette with barberries), goat cheese with grapes and roasted walnuts, pita bread, and cardamom tea € 11,50
Health Breakfast
Scrambled eggs with sunflower seeds and rucola, yogurt with fresh fruit and honey, grapefruit half, buttermilk, and zwieback biscuit € 11,50
Mediterranean Breakfast
Scrambled eggs with sheep cheese, black olives, & diced paprika, bacon-wrapped apricots, bruschetta, fresh honeydew melon salad with yogurt € 11,90
Mozart Breakfast
Scrambled eggs with shrimps, 2 breaded king prawns, Parma ham, smoked turkey, roast beef, mortadella, Milanese salami, smoked salmon, herbed cheese, fruit salad, 1 Piccolo Prosecco or 2 glasses of fresh orange juice (0,1l) € 31,00


Greek Farmer Salad
Sheep’s cheese, tomato, red onions, olives, oregano, and peperoncini € 9,30
Stuffed Avocado (Goat Cheese)
Crisp-fried and served with rucola salad topped with pumpkin seed oil € 10,90
Farmer Salad
Turkey breast strips and mushrooms in House dressing € 11,50
Salad Plate with Skewered Prawns
Lemon buttered, served with chopped mango and sweet chili dip € 11,50


Ham Pasta
With egg and small salad € 9,30
Turkey Breast Strips
With fresh wok-fried vegetables in sweet-chili oyster sauce and rice € 13,50
Mozart Cheeseburger XXL
Beef burger with tomatoes, pickles, onion rings, and rock potatoes € 12,90
Giant Schnitzel – “Wiener Art”
With potato frittata and small salad € 13,90


Fried Mee
Fried Thai noodles with vegetables and spicy chili sauce € 9,30
Vegetarian Burrito
Fried vegetables wrapped in Mexican wheat tortilla with spicy seasoning and sour cream, includes salad bouquet € 9,90
Cheese Noodles
With fried onions and small salad € 9,30
Penne Arrabiata
Pasta in spicy tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese € 8,10